Lenticular Lens

Lenticular Lens, a user-friendly web interface tool that provides a set of means (data linking / integration) to an end: answering data-driven research questions (data analysis). It offers a context-dependent user-guided entity matching across multiple datasets using ad-hoc and/or off-the-shelf generic algorithms that can be logically combined. Such combination is performed over the scores of thelinks discovered by the various user-selected algorithms using a set of provided fuzzy logic operators. In the end, it utilizes our proposed VoID+ ontology, to intelligibly document all user-defined processes leading to the discovery, manipulation, clustering,and validation of links. All these processes can later on, at the user’s convenience, be exported in various formats that include RDF and CSV.

Al Idrissou
SW Infrastuctuur - Data Alignment (former project member)
Chiara Latronico
Senior Data Manager (former project member)
Kerim Meijer
Scientific Developer BE Specialist
Leon van Wissen
Scientific Programmer
Veruska Carretta Zamborlini
Ontologies Specialist - Modeler (former project member)