Publications and presentations

  • Unthinking Rubens and Rembrandt: Counterfactual Analysis and Digital Art History

    DH2019, Utrecht

    Published on 11-07-2019 by Harm Nijboer, Judith Brouwer, Marten Jan Bok
  • Imitation and emulation in Rembrandt’s neighborhood– deciphering transmission of ideas among artists living around the corner

     The 14th European Association of Urban History Conference,  Rome [with: Ivan Kisjes, Menno den Engelse] (peer reviewed)

    Published on 29-08-2018 by Weixuan Li, Marten Jan Bok
  • A comparative analysis of the market for paintings in 16th and 17th century Antwerp and Amsterdam using ECARTICO

    DHBenelux 2017, Utrecht [with: Anne-Rieke van Schaik].

    Published on 04-07-2017 by Harm Nijboer, Marten Jan Bok
  • Universiteit van Amsterdam: Ecartico