• Small Worlds and the Big Picture. Creating Networks for Art Histories

    Getty Advanced Workshop on Network Analysis in Digital Art History, University of Pittsburgh [keynote]

    Published on 01-08-2019 by Charles van den Heuvel, Charles van den Heuvel
  • Storyfying Data: Modeling Historical Processes in Knowledge Graphs. Kubler’s Shape of Time Revisted, ADHO LOD SIG  Preconference workshop. Ontologies for Linked Data in the Humanities

    DH Conference 2019, Utrecht


    Published on 08-07-2019 by Charles van den Heuvel, Veruska Carretta Zamborlini, Charles van den Heuvel
  • Art Histories and Big Data: Complex Collaborations between Institutions and Researchers

    DH Conference 2019, Utrecht [panel with: Ann Helmreich, Sandra van Ginhoven, Koen Brosens, Saskia Scheltjens]

    Published on 12-06-2019 by Charles van den Heuvel, Charles van den Heuvel
  • Transport Acts [=Kwijtscheldingen] revisited. Giving shape to seemingly structured data

    CREATE Salon, University of Amsterdam

    Published on 11-04-2019 by Leon van Wissen
  • Beyond Location: Deep mapping artist’s workshops in the early modern Amsterdam

    Spatial Humanities 2018 conference, Lancaster University (peer reviewed)

    Published on 20-09-2018 by Weixuan Li
  • Op zoek naar de onzichtbare hand achter de Gouden Eeuwse boekindustrie

    Congres Nederlandse Boekhistorische Vereniging, Amsterdam [invited talk]

    Published on 01-06-2018 by Els Stronks