Disclosure Notary Acts-Indexing

Pauline van den Heuvel

The Archive of the Amsterdam Notaries 1578-1915 spans several centuries and kilometers in length. Hidden in 30.000+ large volumes, the millions of notarial deeds contain the worldwide connections between families, traders, settlers and scholars including rich details about cultural life and personal possessions. It is a potential goldmine for any historical research and the Golden Agents project.

Where to start? How to extract relevant data from this massive source – and yet keeping an eye on the big picture? The Amsterdam City Archives had to make some radical choices which will be explained today.

Pauline van den Heuvel is archivist at the Amsterdam City Archives and projectleader of Alle Amsterdamse Akten. This project aims at indexing the complete notarial archive by means of crowdsourcing and the crowdsourcingsplatform VeleHanden.