Multi-Agent platform

Mehdi Dastani

The general aim of the Golden Agents project is to connect existing heterogeneous datasets on the production, distribution and consumption of art in Amsterdam and the surrounding provinces in the Dutch golden age, to spot unseen patterns that explain the outburst of the creative industries at the time. The Golden Agents infrastructure will enable and support interaction between various heterogeneous datasets by using a combination of multi-agent technology and semantic web solutions, supported by ontologies developed together with domain experts. In this presentation, I explain the general architecture of the infrastructure that we are going to build for the Golden Agents project.


Mehdi Dastani is an Associate Professor at the Intelligent Systems Group of the department of Information and Computing Sciences at Utrecht university. His research interests concern theories and applications of multi-agent systems, in particular specification and programming languages for the development of multi-agent systems, multi-agent communication and interaction protocols, multi-agent logics, agent-based social simulation, and formal modelling of social/cognitive phenomena such as norms, responsibility, decision making and emotion. He has been working on the design, development, and extensions of programming frameworks such as BOID (Beliefs, Obligations, Intentions, and Desires), 3APL (An Abstract Agent Programming Language), 2APL (A Practical Agent Programming Language) and 2OPL (Organization Oriented Programming Language).