The Golden agents project aims to create a scientific knowledge infrastructure that supports humanities scholars in all phases of their work on data curation and enrichment. It will connect seamlessly to the national infrastructure as built by CLARIAH. The process of converting large amounts of unstructured heterogeneous data of various origins into structured data that can be used by scholars in the golden agents project requires transparancy on the provenance and quality of the data that is being generated by the various parties. The project therefore develops tools and procedures to allow users to track and inspect these properties of the data.

An example is the development of the Lenticular Lenses tool which allows users to construct linksets between entities from different datasets (so called data-alignment or reconciliation). Lenticalar Lenses tracks the configuration and the version of the algorithhms used in this alignment and is also able to report on manual corrections and the amount of manual validation done.

Digitizing and indexing the 2 million scans of notarial acts on testaments, prenuptial agreements and probate inventories provides insight on the posessions of all layers of society in Amsterdam in the Golden Age.This data is combined with the names from the baptism, burial and marriage registries and other documents to identify the individuals behind these references. To combine the data it is converted to RDF and published in the Timbuctoo triple store here. This data can then be wholly downloaded or connected with datasets concerning the creative industries in the Golden age.

  • Stadsarchief Amsterdam: Index op het notarieel archief
  • Stadsarchief Amsterdam: Index op kwijtscheldigen
  • Stadsarchief Amsterdam: Index op doopregisters
  • Stadsarchief Amsterdam: Index op ondertrouwregisters
  • Stadsarchief Amsterdam: Index op boetes op trouwen en begraven
  • Stadsarchief Amsterdam: Index op confessieboeken
  • Stadsarchief Amsterdam: Index op begraafregisters
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